Block3d allows you to present your real-estate project, hotel, product, or any great project you want to present in an amazing and playful way! View it from all angles (360°) in no time! No appartment, no neat detail, nor feature will be hidden „on the other side“. If you love to think big and your project is at a larger scale, you can even allow your customers to navigate through the project in different „levels“ to find their desired spot, product, or place. And if that isn’t amazing enough, Block3d is build with the state of the art web technology. So there is no need to rely on third party plugins like Adobe Flash. It is also fully responsive, so it can be used in all modern browsers, in all screen sizes and of course on mobile devices. Still not be convinced? Please be our guest and check it out...


Please find below a selection of examples of how you can benefit from the services is offering.
  • Real-Estate
  • Large Scale Real-Estate
  • Hotels
  • Products


Let your real estate project shine in high end quality and with a stunning 360 degree view. Use exact sun-lighting to show your customers where they will catch the warming sun in winter, or where to find cooling shadow during summer.
Show your customers all necessary information (e.g. availability, pricing, dimensions, etc), present floor plans, or guide them to a dedicated page. Nearly everything is possible.
And if you are a zoo, an amusement park, or any other large site, use Block3d to present an enjoyable, interactive map to help your customers find their way.
And while your customers browse through your offerings, we are tracking their interactions and generate all kinds of interesting, and valuable statistics for you, to help you define prices, and other promotional actions

Large-Scale Real-Estate

Dealing with resident areas rather than single houses? No problem at all!
Block3d is also capable to show a whole area view and enable your customers to get a bird’s eye view before diving into details. They will be able to locate and navigate through your area, comfortably picking their spot of desire, without ending up frustrated and confused in odd, blown-up list views.
Highlight interesting spots, show other points of interests, while your customers are taking a tour.


Do you want to give your customers the opportunity to book the room they really want? Or do you want to show your hotel, or resort area from all it’s beautiful angles, without maintaining large image galleries? Block3d is the perfect way for you to create a matching look and feel.
It will allow you to attract and convince your potential guests, to highlight all advantages of your place and service.


Whether you try to sell a car, a watch, a plane, or any other product you can think of, use Block3d to show all its finesse on your website.
You will be able not only to present your product from all angles, but to highlight important parts, to change color, and give all additional information without overloading your website with text.
Give your customers the opportunity to explore your product!


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Block3d and its market leading partners provide a wide range of services to realize these cutting edge projects and pushing the boundaries of customer interaction.


EVE visualizes buildings before they are built – with images so gorgeously beautiful that you won’t be able to distinguish them from a real photo.

EVE was founded in Oslo and is now, after over 1000 projects, market leader in 3D-visualization in Norway. Since 2010, EVE also lives and works in Berlin and combines the best of the two locations: Scandinavian clarity and Berlin creativity.

Visit Eve-Images


Voice was founded in 1992 and offers a wide range of services within visual communication, concept development and creative strategy. Voice is a diversified agency with a strong focus on visual communication and solid business understanding. Extensive experience, as well as a unique and conductive partnership with Eve Images, our 3D/CGI-bureau in Berlin, has given Voice a unique position within developing marketing material for real-estate developers. Visit Voice


From implementing 50+ projects with Block3d and having a easy to use backend we enable our clients a powerful promotional tool for any kinds of projects. We can't resist fulfilling any wish of our clients and constantly working on Block3d to make it a even better product and create new features.


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